Our Quality Policy

          As HMD Engineering, we offer products and services in a professional manner according to the quality essencials of our customers.

As HMD Engineering our quality policyis

  • To build our entire system in one go from the design process to produce accurate and complete products,
  • To ensure the delivery of the product at the earliest possible time by shortening the process which the material turns into a product,
  • To reduce sustainable costs by avoiding all kinds of waste of faults, over production, pending stocks, unnecessary transportation, jobs and movements,
  • To provide competitive advantage by producing within the essencials of quality standards,
  • To be able to manifacture the products according to our customers desire,
  • To increase our business efficiency by making R & D and innovation an indispensable element of our corporate culture in order to develop new products, services and business models that we will present to our customers,
  • To improve the risks and opportunities continually we identify with the feedback factor at every level of our processes.