Enviroment Policy

          As HMD Engineering, we aim to develop a sustainable firm model in terms of environment, considering environmental sensitivity as a responsibility and a way of working.In this context, we commit to minimizing the environmental impact of our activities by adopting sustainable practices and ensuring continuous improvement of environmental performance.

As HMD Engineering our environmental policyis

  • To obey relevant environmental and legislative regulations,
  • To reduce the waste and scrap volume to the minimum and to provide recycling,
  • To add long-term strategies for energy efficiency into the planning and development process,
  • To use nature friendly production technologies that do not harm the environment,
  • To conduct studies for the usage of renewable energy,
  • To aim for sustainability by transmitting natural resources to future generations without ignoring the needs arising during the activities of the company,
  • To create a work ethic that focuses on the importance of protecting the environment and nature in all our employees.