Roll Form


Roll Form is a step-by-step bending process that occurs at room temperature so that the sheet metal which is opened in the roll opener passes through the stations where the rolls are located to reach the desired cross-sectional measurements.In this process, rolled metals such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper can be used. Roll Form parts can have different shapes, angles and curves and these parts can be used in every industry.

The RollForm technique

  • Has been developed to have the most efficient metal forming technology,
  • Is the most suitable method for the manufacture of long and multiple profile sections,
  • Has high erefficiency than other manufacturing methods,
  • Eliminates extra operations such as in serting or cutting length,
  • Is preferred by many sensitive industries as narrow tolerances can be achieved,
  • Can macufacture many sections that are not possible in other manufacturing types,
  • Provides easier control of twist, camber and bowdefects.

Features Of Our Manufacturing Line:


C – Z – Ω – M and all kinds of special open section

Maximum profile expansion width

800 mm

Maximum thickness of products

4 mm for S355  6 mm for S235

Total manufacturing tonnage

150 Ton / Day

Number of lines